QEI Signed Agreement with The Contractor Mazen Rial

Al Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. signed agreement with the Contractor Mazen Rial

On Tuesday 4th August, 2015 Al-Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure Ltd. signed Service Agreement with the Contractor Mazen Rial Expert Office (MRO) to start implementation the following activities:

  1. Topographic Survey;
  2. Geological Survey (geological mapping and report);
  3. Geophysical Survey (Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) and /or Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) techniques;
  4. Geochemical Analysis Evaluation;
  5. Resources & Reserves Calculation;
  6. Mining Studies (Mining Plan and Cost analysis) and,
  7. Hydrology and Hydrogeology.

Qei Signed Agreement With The Contractor Mazen Rial