QEI Participated in 33rd Oil Shale Symposium

Ms. Rosu Brar (Director Operation) Participated as a representative of Al Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure Limited in The symposium which took importance of oil shale and various technologies in the world market was discussed and how USA is growing rapidly in this sector (Utah State).

A lot of people from Jordan attended the symposium which shows Interest and as it was discussed during the symposium that Jordan and USA are growing at a fast rate in oil shale sector. The key topics of the symposium will be energy independence out of oil shale, industry related job creation and economic sustainability of shale oil production. Estonia’s longstanding expertise and oil shale processing experience will be showcased and analyzed as a sample of a small European country striving towards energy self-sufficiency through innovation of its oil shale industry. The Symposium will provide a wide choice of topical presentations and panel discussions on oil shale with experts from industry, research and government, and offers a valuable opportunity for broadening the network of global oil shale experts and business leaders.

My analysis is that USA has started taking the oil shale sector very seriously and are working on full scale in the Utah state as their they have the largest oil shale reserves. The governor office of Utah stated that oil shale is the market which they are going to target and will be there valuable resource in future to bank upon.

There were negative remarks also regarding to oil shale sector as some people were not in favor of this new boom. Their area of concern was that oil shale can be hazardous to the environment and it will not prove to be as useful as the industry experts are making out of it. But as the symposium concluded everyone was satisfied with the oil shale sector and are waiting to see where this new enigma going to place in the oil industry horizon. The Symposium will be followed by a Field Trip to Estonian oil shale processing industry – an extraordinary opportunity to visit the most important sites of Estonian oil shale industry, including the new, recently completed Enefit280 Oil Plant.

Qei Participated In 33rd Oil Shale Symposium