QEI Participated as a Sponsors in Jordan Oil Shale Symposium 2014

Key Discussions Included:

  • Latest developments from some of the largest oil shale projects, such as ENEFIT’s 540 MW green field oil shale fired power project in Attarat Um Ghudran, and JOSCOs Upper Cretaceous Oil Shale strata assessment.
  • His H.E Minister of Energy Dr Mohammad Mousa Hamed, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources outlined incentives for further cooperation and support between government authorities and oil shale companies working in Jordan.
  • Regional and international banks, from the Association of Bank in Jordan and the Jordan Kuwait bank, discussed various financing options for oil shale projects and incentives for long term foreign investments.
  • The worlds most advanced and innovative oil shale technologies were apresented to the audience. Technology sessions included VKG’s state-of -the-art Petroter technology, to the latest improvements in the UTT’s-3000 installation and Shell’s proprietary In-situ Conversion process.
  • Key findings from EIA’s assessment study highlighted, that if done correctly, oil shale projects would have minimal environmental impact in Jordan.

QEI Participated As A Sponsors In Jordan Oil Shale Symposium 2014