First Scientific day Under the auspices of the Secretary General

Energy News - Specialized experts in the oil shale estimated that Jordan`s reserves of oil  shale about 100
 billion tons.

The master of ceremony Eng. Geo. Hilana S. Najjar Assistant Manager of Geology & Mining at Al Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure said: “the Encyclopedia of Jordanian oil shale which is a scientific encyclopedia and professional academic specializes in everything related to the Jordanian oil shale, to be the first one in this field, and their output will be soon”, she added that “Oil shale in Jordan, the most important natural source of energy, is considered a national treasure and a strategy occupies an advanced position in the hierarchy of the government’s priorities. It is worth pointing out that Jordan occupies the third place among of the world in terms of reserves of oil shale, which is estimated it at about 100 billion tons”.

First Scientific day  Under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr. Ghaleb Maabreh delegate minister,organized by the Encyclopedia of Jordanian oil shale in cooperation with University of Jordan, Jordanian Geologists Association and Al-Qamar For Energy & infrastructure Ltd (QEI) is a Jordanian company engaged in development of such sectors as, oil shale energy including extraction of crude, and power generation through direct combustion, in renewable energy from the solar source, and in information technology IT.

Al Qamer concluded a  Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources , Govt. of Jordan on 11th Nov. 2014 to produce Shale Oil and generate electricity. The MOU allocated a 64.3 sq. Km block underlain by oil shale of different grades to harness its deposit in extracting crude oil through retorting and in generating electricity through direct combustion. The location of the block is in Attarat Um Al Ghudran area east of Qatrana.

In a speech during the opening of the First Scientific Day,President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Akhalif Tarawneh stressed that the university’s commitment to work hard  through its centers and researchers to put scientific and practical solutions for a radical solution to the problem of energy.

He said that the First Scientific Day to specialized in the field of investment and natural resources as (phosphate, potash, oil shale and silica sand) under our country`s abundance with such precious metals and achieves its investment to create new jobs, especially Jordan is on the  list of global exporters of the phosphate and potash.

He added that the goal is to connect scientific research and practical application at the same time, to use the latest technology of the exploitation of oil shale to generate electricity as well as  techniques of distillation to extract oil shale, which is in line with the need for Jordan to look in-depth at the exploitation of wealth natural to find a solution to the problem of energy, which constitutes the first priority for the state.

While the Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Dr. Ghaleb Maabrah said the Ministry spares no effort in the search for investment opportunities in the mineral resources and encouragement for the benefit of the national economy, pointing to the success of the Ministry in 2015 in which he described a year energy par excellence, expand investment gas resources department natural oil and the production of electricity from oil shale through several partnerships and memorandum of understandings were signed.

While the director of excavations Eng. Mohammad Abu Hazim in Jordan Phosphate Mines Company said: The oil shale sedimentary rocks that were deposited in the top Cretaceous age and belonging to a unit Muwaqqar Cretaceous, according to the geological column, this unity above the unit Al Hassa phosphate, and we signed agreement with Al-Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure to Exploitation and study the layers of phosphate beneath oil shale layers in Attarat Um Gudran area.

The participants in the global meeting of the day and gave an overview of the geology of oil shale in Jordan and methods of discovery and a number of projects related to oil shale rock alongside the unusual minerals in the metamorphic rocks caused by self-combustion of oil shale.

The researchers highlighted the exploitation of oil shale as an alternative energy assessments and technical and economic techniques to exploit oil shale as a source

At the end of the first scientific Opening today the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources/Secretary General Dr. Ghaleb Maabreh prefer to hand over commemorative shields for all Distinguished ladies and gentlemen who participated with their ideas and their experience and knowledge in this scientific excellence today.

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