Geological Survey

Geological Survey will be used to produce:

  • Detailed geological map at a scale 1:5000 and detailed geological report and structural about the MOU area.
  • Prepared geological cross and columnar sections. 

Oil shale consists generally of bituminous chalky marl and marlstone, grey, dark grey, greenish and dark green to black, soft to medium  hard, partly rich in fossils in the lower part. MCM formation preserved fish fossils, such as teeth and scales, as well as vertebrate bones and other shells fragments. The MCM is often unconformably overlain by the Umm Rijam Chert Limestone Formation (URC) of Early to Middle Eocene in age. The lower part of the URC consists of chalks, cherts and, locally, porcellanite. The middle part is composed of thin- to medium-bedded cherts alternating with white chalks, and comprises small-size chalky limestone concretions. The upper part, which is rich in bivalves and fish teeth, includes alternating beds of cherts, limestones and chalk, with large micritic limestone concretions.