Environmental Impact Assessment


QEI and Al Shamil Engineering, are working together to finalize the required information.  QEI will arrange a meeting with Al Shamil Engineering team and ATP team to make sure the EIA study will cover all required information for both.  

Environmental Impact assessment conducted by the specialized consultant in Jordan. In this stage, stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in the EIA study process and to be introduced to the project details. A scoping stage is planned for this study whose purpose is to get the public and the regulatory authorities involved in the course of the study and to voice their environmental concerns about the project in a formal manner.

The following are some of the main objectives of the EIA stage:

•Identify the key environmental issues to be included in the assessment.
•Identify the legal requirements and the regulations pertaining to the projects throughout the life of each.
•Identify the relevant component studies and establish the corresponding relevant baseline for the projects’ components.
•EIA study includes Environmental management.

Although oil production from oil shale produces harmful gases, but our ATP technology is fully capable for removing these gases and even recovering the sulfur and phosphorus residues that can be used in the fertilizer industry in Jordan.