Conceptual Engineering


 Phase II Conceptual Engineering Work Program


Commercialization Program Economy Evaluation

Based on the results of the Exploration and Conceptual Engineering programs, the goal of the Commercialization Work Program is to determine the planned production capacity and schedule for the project, Preliminary assessment of principal economic parameters includes; Commodity Price, Royalties and Taxes, Cash Flow Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, identify project risks and mitigation approaches, identify markets for all product and byproduct streams, and identify approaches for project finance to Provide preliminary estimate of project costs and economics for each phase of the project.

 Project Development Plan

Include determination of production goals and schedules based on resource characteristics and volumes and a preliminary estimate of project costs and economics, development period and mine life estimated. Development Plan should include and studies project phases and scenarios of development and operations activities.

 Capital and Operation Cost Estimation 

Capital and Operation cost considered as very important aspects in any project; cost analyses will include determination of Infrastructure construction and civil works, mining activities, equipment, labor salary and wages, factories, estimates for unit rates and quantified and consumption figures for all raw materials and utilities.

Market and Risk Evaluations

To identify and assessment of local and regional markets for products and byproducts, considering product quality factors and refinery capabilities; and identify and assess of project risk factors and mitigation..

Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA)

It will be identify and describe of environmental issues posed by development, construction, and operations of the proposed project.

Health Safety, Social and Security will identifying and evaluating potential health and safety risks and issues for project workers and for surrounding communities and identifying approaches for mitigating those risks and issues. It will also entail an evaluation of site security issues, requirements, and associated costs.