Mining Plan

 Al-Qamer MOU Area

  • Al – Qamer MOU area is located in central Jordan, about 110 Km southeast of Amman.
  • It is part of Attarat Um Al Ghudran deposits to its northwest.
  • Accessible by paved roads.
  • Said MOU area covers 64.3 sq.Km.

MOU Area Coordinates

MOU Plan Layout 



This mining plan is estimated and initial according to available data.

Mining Plan

  • Until a finer grid of boreholes is drilled, available data from existing boreholes is used to estimate quantities.These can be refined at the pre-feasibility study level.
  • A preferred portion of the MOU area is selected based on:
  • Low stripping ratio as indicated by the volume of overburden to the volume of oil shale.
  • Oil content in the rock.
  • Overburden layer thickness.
  • Oil shale layer thickness.
  • Topography of the area.

Mining Technology

  • The conditions of oil shale occurrence bring to the fore open mining and underground mining technologies.
  • A comparison is made of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Mining Tech.


Mining Plan

  • The MOU space is divided into sub-areas for purpose of use.
  • Two areas are earmarked for oil shale mining, selection as per aforesaid criteria.
  • Other sub-areas are earmarked for a camp site, dumping sites and other miscellaneous goals.
  • Area 1 is chosen at the southwest corner of the MOU space, and Area 2 at the northeast.