Business Overview

Al Qamer for Energy & Infrastructure ltd (QEI) is pursuing the honoring of its commitments under the MOU concluded with the Government. To exploit oil shale resources within a block some 64.3 sq. Km in surface area. It is located in Attarat Um Al Ghudran area some 110 Km south east of the capital city of Amman.

QEI is focusing on oil shale commercial venture through the establishing of an oil shale industry      capable of profitably producing  shale oil and associated  petrochemicals, generate electricity through Power plant (direct combustion), and mine profitable minerals encountered in the overburden such as  Marble, Limestone and other minerals.

Industrial Rocks and Minerals in Attarat – Jordan

Mineral co-products in oil shale operation are Marble, Limestone, Phosphate, Chalk, Dolomite, Clay & also Trace elements (U, Ti, Cd, Zn, Ni, V, Cr, Ag, Se, Sr, Ba,…). Their exploitation requires separate Government permits but are possible under the MOU terms. The economic and social benefits will be an added value to the original objective of oil shale exploitation.  One such permit is being  pursued  for the mining of marble and limestone from the MOU Block.

Marketing of Goods

The marketing of shale oil and of electricity  is readily guaranteed in the Jordan market. QEI has been active in opening foreign markets for marble and limestone and has succeeded in creating opportunities  in such markets as Canada, the USA, the Gulf States, Montenegro and India.



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