Why Jordan?

His Majesty Speeches:

  • On the other level, it is so essential for the Government to speed up the search for other sources of energy- other than importing oil, and in front of that is to complete the implementation of the oil shale project and any other sources of energy".
  • Quoted from the Royal letter of His Majesty King Abdullah the Second directed to the Prime Minister in April 13th, 2006.
  • The government's economic policy should focus on achieving food and water security and on responding to the Kingdom's need for energy resources through long-term planning and pursuing mega projects that are capable of responding to our growing needs. In order to achieve the best possible results, and in light of the fact that these issues are interconnected, the government must draft the institutional frameworks that would ensure the highest level of coordination in the management of and investment in these sectors, especially alternative energy projects, gas and shale oil exploration, any mineral resources, nuclear energy, the Disi Water Conveyance Project and the Red-Dead Water Conveyance Project.”

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

  • Jordan is located in the heart of the Middle East.
  • It is bordered by Palestine (W), Syria (N), Iraq (NE), and Saudi Arabia (E, S). Jordan lies on the continent of Asia between latitudes 29° and 34° N, and longitudes 35° and 40° E (a small area lies west of 35°).
  • The highest point in the country is Jabal Umm Al Dami, in Wadi Rum at 1,854 m above sea level south of the country, while the lowest is the Dead Sea at 427 m below mean sea level .
  • Total Area of Jordan covers  89, 342 sq. Km. Its capital city  Amman is home to 45% of the country's entire population of about 9.5 Million (2015).
  • Jordan is divided, for purposes of administration, into 12 provinces known as governorates.  

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Why Jordan?

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Dead Sea  


Wadi Rum 


Ma’in Spa – Hot Spring