Company Profile

Location map of Oil Shale blocks allocated to interested Companies in Jordan including

 Al Qamer Company for Energy and Infrastructure, QEI 


Al Qamer is a Jordanian company engaged in development of  sectors such as: oil shale commercial venture through the establishing of an oil shale industry capable of profitably producing a shale oil substitute including petrochemical industries, power generation through direct combustion, Marble, Limestone and other by-products, ; renewable energy from the solar source and in the field of Hospitality Management.

Al Qamer concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, Govt of Jordan on 11th Nov 2014 to produce Shale Oil and generate electricity. The MOU allocated a 64.3 sq. Km block underlain by oil shale of different grades to harness its deposit in extracting crude oil through retorting and in generating electricity through direct combustion. The location of the block is in Attarat Um Al Ghudran area east of Qatrana (see map).

Preliminary data suggest that the “Block” is home to about 1 (one) Billion tons of oil shale of cut off grade 8.5% (by weight) fit for economic retorting. More of lower grades also exist.

QEI’s Technology provider for retorting technology is the leading Canadian company ThyssenKrupp that owns patents for its technology ATP ((Alberta Taciuk Process)), an above ground oil shale retorting technology classified as recycled solid technology. The technology proved its adequacy in operations in Canada and china.

Al Own Advanced for Mining & Contracting L.t.d is associated with Al Qamer. Established in 1983, Al Own has been active ever since in mining and has earned recognition of credibility, professionalism and excellence from clients such as Jordan Phosphate Mines Co.

Al Own vision originates in their dedication to the service of Jordan and its development. Mineral resources are only second to human resources in the stock of capital assets of the country.

Al Own has performed several sizeable mining projects in locations such as Al- Abiad, Al- Hassa and Eshidiya. They perform tasks with values several folds the size of the capital of the company.

Al Own is qualified and experienced in performing works in:

  • Earthworks (Mining).
  • Exploration, Drilling, Geological functions,
  • Feasibility studies for mining projects, and,
  • A variety of civil engineering tasks such as:  Road Construction and pavements, pipe networks, surface and underground drainage facilities, landscaping, and others.

A Joint Venture has been entered into between Al Own and BCM Company of Australia. The JV is in the process of signing a large mining contract with Attarat Mining Company Co. (AMCO) (Enefit) to mine oil shale at Al Attarat.

Al Qamer is in the process of setting up a Solar Farm in Europe with a capacity of 300MW based on photovoltaic cells. 

Al Qamer has joined the Education sector with Middle East University to launch Hospitality Management in Jordan with International Institute of Hotel Management(IIHM), in the framework of its desire to keep up with the developments in the world of tourism and hospitality, and provide job opportunities for their students.